There is something for the whole family at White Star Quarry!

Bring the kids, bring your whole family, bring your dog! There is so much to do at White Star Quarry and the surrounding White Star Park. With over 800 acres surrounding it, the quarry is only a small part of what White Star has to offer. Facilities include play equipment, tables, grills, restrooms (primitive), volleyball courts, playfield,swim beach, nature trails, mountain bike trails, boat ramp, shelters, day camp area, accessible fishing platform, and camping. All complimenting the scuba diving. Horse trails are located on CR 66 just north of CR 65. The public is allowed to walk anywhere on the grounds except during hunting season, when only hiking trails west of the railroad tracks are open. Grills and picnic tables are available throughout the park around the quarry area. 

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For any non-divers that may be joining you, the White Star Swim Beach Hours are 12 noon until 8:00 p.m. daily, weather permitting:
  • Memorial Day Weekend - May 24-26
  • May 31-June 1
  • June 7-Aug 17
  • Aug 23-24
  • Aug 30-Sept 1

Daily rates for the beach in 2012 are: Ages 2 years and under free, ages 3- 12 are $2.00, and ages 13 and up are $4.00 per day. The beach house includes changing rooms and a concession stand. Coast Guard approved life jackets & vests; beach buckets, sand toys, noodles and coolers are allowed on the beach. Glass Bottles, cans and inflatable devices (including floaties, balls, & rafts) are prohibited in the beach area. Swim area depth is from 0’ – 15’. The Beach is Non- Smoking. You may enter and exit the beach area with your hand stamp.

Season Passes may be purchased at the Beach House or at the Main Office in Fremont. Swim Lessons can also be arranged for July 7 - 18.

Metal detectors on beach require special use permit for use on the sand (water entry is not permitted). Metal detectors may be used in all other facilities year-round without special use permit.

For more information on the White Star Park Beach and other park facilities visit the Sandusky County Park District website at scpd@sanduskycountyparks.com or call their administrative office at 419-334-4495.


For more information on the White Star Park Beach and for shelter reservations, contact the Sandusky County Park District at scpd@sanduskycountyparks.com or call their administrative office at 419-334-4495. 

There are a number of picnic shelters and other special use areas located on the park property. With enough notice, these areas and shelters can be reserved for your private use. Contact the park office to reserve your space and to learn the rental rates. When the shelters are not reserved they are on a first come, first served basis.
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Through out the year there are a number of family events sponsored by the park.

These events are sponsored by local merchants, organizations and the Sandusky County Park District. They include a triathalon, fireworks display, and the Sandusky County Restorers of Antique Power (S.C.R.A.P.) Festival held each year over Labor Day Weekend!

For more information contact the Sandusky County Park District at scpd@sanduskycountyparks.com or call their administrative office at 419-334-4495. 


Boating and Fishing are allowed at White Star

Non- powered boats are allowed on White Star quarry. People enjoy the park for Kayaking, Fishing, Rowing and other forms of boating. Small electric motors and rowboats are a common sight on the quarry so please be attentive when you are diving that you do not accidentally run into them. . Vessels must have a valid Ohio boat license.

Fishing is also allowed in the quarry and you may find that they are using the same areas as you are. This is a permitted practice and the main reason White Star Quarry was opened to the public as a park. Ohio fishing laws apply and their are catch limits posted at the pavillions around the park. .