About White Star Quarry

Diving at White Star Quarry is considered to be the best inland diving that Northern Ohio has to offer.

The Staff of Divers Incorporated - White Star are outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and Divers, just like you. Like you, we want a place to dive that is local, convenient and understands that recreational activities are important to us. We also want a place where we can bring our non-diving friends and family with us, without having to pay to have them sit and watch. You are welcome to bring friends and family (and even your dog) at NO CHARGE! This is just one of the things that makes White Star different from other quarries, there is only a fee for Diving and Swimming.

The diving concession at White Star Quarry is to be operated on it's current contract by Divers Incorporated through December of 2015. The rate for diving is $20 per day, PER DIVER and the concession offers Air fills and Enriched Air Nitrox fills during our regular hours. There are plans for a few new dive sites, underwater trails, a buoyancy course and more training platforms to practice your skills. You just have to fill out a blue envelope (one per diver) at one of the self-serve Kiosks and drop the fee in the white receptacle.

White Star Quarry is a 15 acre man made lake with an average depth of 40’ with the center of the quarry approaching 50 Feet. There are two “holes,” one near the wall close to the main diving entrance and the other at the bottom of a stone crusher that are 60’ and 80’ respectively

White Star Quarry is within the boundaries of White Star Park in Sandusky County Ohio, is an 800 acre park located near Gibsonburg, Ohio. The park is regularly patrolled by Park Rangers who check that the divers have properly filled out their paperwork and enforce the park rules.